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Professional Entry Level Java Developer CV Template

Professional Entry Level Java Developer CV TemplateProfessional Entry Level Java Developer CV TemplateWhen breaking into a new industry area, it is important to have a CV that promotes yur professional skills and abilities. With so many computer languages in use in the business world, it is possible to be an experienced programmer but be new at a certain language. In your CV, emphasize the experiences and achievements you have had with other programming languages common to all types of computer software development. That way, you give your interviewer a great idea of yourself as an IT professional. Study this entry level Java developer cv template for ideas.Create This CVEntry Level Java Developer CV Template Emily ParkChicago, IL 11174E eparkanymail P 555-555-3809Professional SummaryExperienced IT development professional with proven success in several languages. A skillful communicator in both written and verbal formats. Mission-driven to provide solutions to enhance security, fun ctionality, and database scalability. Continually learning new skills to grow as an IT professional.Work Experience Team LeadResource Partners2015 Present Design, code, customize, and modify applications software for the menschenwrdig resources industry that is responsive and scalable to serve growing small businesses. Lead a team of programmer analysts, contractors, and vendor representatives to write efficient code to resolve client issues and troubleshoot software performance to raise product quality and competitiveness. Manage software projects throughout their lifecycle from design to post-implementation, ensuring specification compliance. Collaborate with developers, management, and clients to address new application needs and manage their integration with existing software applications.Linux ProgrammerFreeware Innovations2012 2015 Developed, tested, modified, and implemented various software programs utilizing Linux that administrated human resources department functions s uch as employee databases, payroll, and benefits. Worked with management and end users alike to make sure that all software functions met regulatory requirements, and facilitated the automation of several human resources tasks. Took initiative for frontline project management and delegated tasks to third-party vendors and contractors as well as other staff, optimizing development resources. Supported all software produced by Freeware to maintain the security, functionality, and value of the software solutions.Code TesterEmergent Systems2009 2012 Performed high-volume batch testing of code, identifying problems and documenting them for correction by the programmer analyst staff. Re-checked code by line testing, either clearing the code for implementation or returning it to the programmer analyst staff for more corrections. Documented the functionality of each set of code, developing a function guide book to follow for future updates and code additions.Education and TrainingJava De veloper Certification 2017Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 2009University of Illinois, Chicago, ILSkills Java certification and proven database design skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Ability to prioritize work tasks and work both independently and in groups Experienced in both Windows environments and Linux code design Proven skill in testing and documenting applications codeHobbies and InterestsI enjoy geocaching as a hobby where I can also get some exercise. When I can, I like to explore and camp in northern Michigan. To give back while using my programming skills, I volunteer at a free Computer Programming program for underprivileged inner-city youth in Chicago.Customize CVEntry Level Java Developer CV Questions1. If youve never held an entry level Java developer job before, how do you make an entry level Java developer CV?Writing a CV to land your first job can be a daunting task. Without work experience, how are you supposed to convince employ ers you can do the job? The answer lies in your opening summary and in your education section. punktlicht your greatest strengths and academic achievements to build a convincing case.You can also use independent work youve done as a selling point. If youve consulted on private projects or created your own apps for fun, detail this information until you can create a work history section similar to the one in our entry level Java developer CV sample.2. Whats the best way to include digital skills on an entry level Java developer CV?The majority of your digital skills should appear in your opening summary and your bulleted list of skills. Thats not to say you should saturate these sections with technical skills instead, judiciously choose the top four or five skills you want to focus on, and use these places to discuss your strengths in these areas.Follow the example set out in our entry level Java developer CV sample to include more technical skills in a relevant way throughout your c areer history. Work with our CV and resume builder to effortlessly create a CV in minutes that integrates these methods.3. How do you write a summary statement for an entry level Java developer CV?Your summary statement is like a verbal handshake. In just three sentences, it tells employers everything they need to know about you. Write it the same way youd write an elevator pitch. Consider everything you can possibly say about yourself that has value in three lines, then write those selling points using action-driven language that gets to the point with no nonsense or fluff.If you need an example, review our entry level Java developer CV sample. Our sample demonstrates that you dont need a long summary statement to make a positive impression.4. What is the best design for an entry level Java developer CV?Considering your career history will be short to nonexistent at the entry level, you dont need anything overly complicated for your CV format. Keep it simple with a modern, clean de sign that takes advantage of white space and uses bullets to neatly organize your experience and qualifications.Avoid fancy fonts and stick to simple sans serif fonts. Organize and structure your CV in the same fashion as our entry level Java developer CV sample to create a format that guides the readers eye to the most relevant sections .5. Whats the best way to list certifications on your entry level Java developer CV?When youre just starting off at entry level, your certifications are one of your best selling points. Dont be afraid to name them loud and proud by listing them in your education section. Just like your degrees, your certifications belong in reverse chronological order.Ensure you include the name of the awarding institution for each certification, and dates if dates are relevant. Cut out anything expired. Take a look at our entry level Java developer CV sample to see how you can make your certifications shine.Using a Job Description to Create a Standout Entry Level J ob Developer CVA Sample Entry Level Java Developer DescriptionJob SummaryDo you have a knack for organization as well as Java skills? At Metro Technology we are looking for a hard-working and organized software developer to fill our open entry level Java developer position. The successful candidate needs to be self-directed and able to engage with a team of other analysts. Work will mainly focus on extending our human resources software functionality to include mobile devices. If you can work on multiple project tasks at once and want to enter into professional development with Java, apply today.Job Responsibilities Modify software at the direction of the development manager in order to facilitate integration into existing systems or enhance performance. Test code written in Java and document its application performance, clearly communicating any issues to senior programmers. Install software and monitor its performance, reporting any issues to support analysts. Provide data storag e backups in order to both preserve information and facilitate the rapid function of the server for increased amounts of data. Train end users to use new software applications. Write code using Java as the primary language to comply with software requirements.Job Skills Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Information Systems Knowledge of Java and database design with the ability to continuously learn new technologies Windows system, Linux, and software testing experience with the ability to clearly document results Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal with individuals and groups Ability to actively prioritize work tasks in order to meet deadlines in a frequently changing environmentCreate This CVHow to Employ the Job Description in Your Entry Level Java Developer CVWhen moving into a new industry area, it is important to tailor your CV to respond directly to a job description to stay on point with the requirements of the job rather than your unrela ted experience in the field. Do this by emphasizing the distinct knowledge set and transferrable skills that meet job description specifications. Check out the entry level Java developer cv template to see how to play up applicable experience in your own CV while not seeming overqualified for the position.In addition, you will want to make sure that your CV does not get tripped up in the companys applicant tracking system. Do this by proofreading your document, looking for keyword matches with the job description for the position for which you are applying. Make sure that keywords happen frequently in your own CV. Take a look at the entry level Java developer cv template to find how matching keywords are used.

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