Monday, May 18, 2020

Dan Purdy on How To Recover From Loss of a Dream Job - VocationVillage

Dan Purdy on How To Recover From Loss of a Dream Job - VocationVillage Dan Purdy responds to a music business professional who asks for career advice after losing his dream job.Hello,Is this a dilemma or an opportunity? Lets first count your blessings: 1) You literally live in paradise. 2) Family considerations prevent you from leaving one of the worlds top destinations. 3) You are surrounded by people who love and need you. 4) You are young with a full life ahead of you. 5) Youve discovered your purpose and passion at an early age. 6) Youve successfully managed to earn money at your hobby. 7) Youve developed important, transferable business skills and expertise in an exciting industry. Can you think of more?You recently lost something you love. The traditional grieving process steps include: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. You can either wait for time to heal your pain or you can embrace this challenge today. Change is inevitable, so you must now adapt to the new reality of your situation. You are free to learn another aspect of this or some other industry, diversify your resume, and expand your existing skill set. What will you do?In the Sales and Marketing profession, you developed numerous contacts, relationships and a network of people that trusted and depended upon you. Systematically contact these same people and companies to allow them and their contacts to reciprocate. Leverage the internet to expand your reach outside of Hawaii. Create or refresh your profiles on,, and Customize these search engines to begin receiving automated job postings. Scour the music industry trade magazines, websites, vlogs, and blogs for opportunities. Tell everyone about your passion and follow up on any leads.There are 5 fires (F.I.R.E.S.) we all struggle with on a daily basis: Financial (incomes and outcomes), Internal (health and hobbies), Relational (family and friends), External (charity and volunteerism), and Spiritual (purpose and beliefs). Take this fleeting opportunity to momentarily turn down the music and really do some soul-searching. Starting in reverse order, create a simple strategy for each of the following areas to reset, redefine, and realign. Note that when your Spiritual Fire is in order, these other raging infernos will simmer down into hissing pilot lights.Spiritual Fire. Ask yourself: What am I made of? What is my core belief system? What is my true purpose and calling?External Fire. Once youve seriously contemplated this, seek out and give time and energy to others even less fortunate than you. These are the people you dont yet know who are in desperate need. What social contribution can you make today?Relational Fire. You will discover a strength and vigor in aiding those who needed you all along. Now carry this further in a renewed personal contribution to your family and friends. Mend any hurting relationships and demonstrate your renewed commitment to giving fully of yourself.Internal Fire. Now that youve rediscovere d how to serve others before yourself, take time to focus on your health and personal development. What is something that youve been wanting to do, learn, focus on, or otherwise explore? Have you been neglecting any area of health, diet, or exercise due to other priorities? Financial Fire. Continue that job search or new business venture with a fresh perspective. How will you better use money to serve others in the future? Hopefully, youve realized from this proving process that in the end, money is simply a tool and is less important than people.Dan Purdy, Daring Business Strategies, Inc.. Read another guest opinion about how to recover from loss of a dream job.

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